Contracts and Fees

All relationships function best when terms are simple and expectations are clear.  Business relationships are no exception.

Prior to creating a contract for services, I work with clients to establish and rank their objectives for the final product.  I then provide a contract for services, a timeline for delivery, and the cost of the work by deliverable.

Some writing and editing businesses price their work “by the page” or “by the word.”  My contracts are more art than science and take into account the relationship with the client (new or established), the complexity of the work, and the estimated number of hours involved in both research and writing.

There is never a fee for talking about a project idea and receiving a proposed contract.

A successful business relationship is a partnership.  I am inspired to work with clients who are active partners in the process of working together to achieve meaningful objectives.

You may email me at  Once we establish professional contact I will provide additional ways for us to be in touch.