“I highly recommend Elizabeth. I have worked with her on economic development issues, where she wrote a white paper that started a new organization; on my management consulting advisory board where she wrote regular insightful articles about governance in general and non-profits in particular; and we even did a community development workshop on partnerships together. On all occasions she made the work easier and better with her intelligence, positive attitude, and broad thinking.”

—   Robert Godbey, CEO, GodbeyWorks LLC

“Elizabeth and I worked closely on the PR committee of the Cancer Campaign for the CAMC Foundation.   As chairman of this committee, I hand-picked Elizabeth for my team to write the case statement for the campaign. Elizabeth worked quickly, creatively and effectively, taking health data and focus-group findings and weaving a rather large set of complex facts into a concise, compelling and persuasive ten-page case statement.  Her ability to synthesize wide-ranging facts and data into an effective message was crucial to the project.

In a different arena, I asked Elizabeth to contribute a personal story to my book, non-fiction work in the career advice category. The personal lesson that she submitted was very well-written and informative. Her content made it into the final published product, “Effective Immediately: How to Fit In, Stand Out and Move Up at Your First Real Job,” which was distributed April 2010 by Ten Speed Press.  I strongly and enthusiastically recommend her!”

— Skip Lineberg, Chief Innovation Officer, Spilman Thomas & Battle PLLC

“I highly recommend Elizabeth for many reasons, but particularly for her written and oral communication skills, expertise, balanced and logical points of view, and long-term vision.”

— Jeff James, CEO, Mythology LLC

“As a colleague, Elizabeth is one of the most professional, motivated, and truly dedicated individuals with whom I’ve had the pleasure to work in my career.  Consistently, Elizabeth is always one who stays focused on the detail, yet has the ability to keep the “big picture” in mind. Her outgoing personality, ability to be assertive when appropriate, and willingness to give of herself 110% makes her an outstanding employee for any organization.”

— Melissa Aguilar, Executive Director, Region One Workforce WV Board

“As a grant writer I depend on program staff to provide me with rapid, accurate, and meaningful data to develop successful grant applications. Elizabeth was a reliable and productive partner in the grant proposal development process.  She is also herself an excellent writer.  Her nomination detailing APPCNC‘s use of federal TANF dollars to expand the local council development process earned our organization a coveted stewardship award from the NC Center for Nonprofits.

Elizabeth is an intelligent, focused employee with an ability to partner with other team members to achieve well-defined objectives. I strongly recommend her for her skills, her positive attitude, and her ability to produce results.”

— Mia Burroughs, Grant Strategist, Chapel Hill NC