Social Media

Social media is the term used for web-based and mobile technologies that turn communication into interactive dialogue.

Some of the most well-recognized and often used social media tools are FacebookTwitter, and simple blogging.  Most websites now have some form of “social media plug-ins” that allow the visitor to connect his or her interaction with that site to a community of other people, be that community made up of personal friends or a professional network like LinkedIn.

In our experience, social media either is perceived as enormously comforting (At last! I can manage all of my contacts with the information I want to share through multiple channels!) or completely overwhelming (Oh no! I’m supposed to incorporate this new thing into my efforts and I’m scared!).

If you fall into that second category, we can help.  The connected world is here to stay:  Your current and future audience expects you to be connected, accessible and communicative today, much as your audience in the past expected to know where to mail you a letter.  It is simply standard business now.

Based on your objectives (see Contracts and Fees), we can help you identify where to focus your efforts.  We can also manage your social media profile for you on a long-term basis, as consistent participation in social media is key to building relationships and consequently to success.

Client example: Going #dmsocial with @charleywest!